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Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island

Rainbow Beach to Fraser Island

If conquering the slippery sands of Fraser Island sounds like fun, then plan your trip north this summer for a four-wheel driving adventure you’ll never forget.

Fraser Island is made entirely of sand that blew across from New South Wales (a long, long time ago), and now that sand – plus the island’s 24 lakes – is perfect for four-wheel driving.

Rainbow Beach and the Great Sandy National Park are must-dos for four-wheel drivers, campers and adventurers alike (think coloured sands, striking cliffs and undeniable tranquillity).

To get to Fraser Island, you’ll need to take one of the two barges across to the island. Before you leave, don’t forget to grab yourself a vehicle access permit online. Fuel is very expensive on Fraser Island, so be sure to fill up your tank before you take one of the barges. Once you’re on the island, the paradisiacal 75 Mile Beach, Lake Wabby and King Fisher Bay are all worth a visit.

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