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Rear-wheel accessories by MSA 4×4

Rear-wheel accessories by MSA 4×4

In partnership with MSA 4×4.

MSA 4×4 has brought rear-wheel accessories to the next level with its Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin and Removable Rear Wheel Bag. These are the ultimate items to take with you on road trips, camping and more. They also fit perfectly onto the spare wheel of your caravan or camper trailer. MSA 4×4 finds these products great when travelling out on the road for trade shows. You’ll often spot them on the back of the MSA Show Trailer.

The MSA 4×4 Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin is perfect for storing your camp site rubbish, and keeping your muddy recovery gear off the ground and outside of your vehicle. With its quick-fit harness system that is fully adjustable, it will fit any tyre size. Its reinforced 50-millimetre seatbelt webbing harness system is strong enough not to leave your gear behind on the track. It features drainage outlets to easily drain any fluids from inside. For extra protection of your gear, there is also a lockable YKK chunky zip for peace of mind that nothing will be stolen.

MSA 4×4’s patented 55-litre Removable Rear Wheel Bag is great for carrying and securing a wide range of accessories out back. It has a 50-millimetre seatbelt webbing harness system that attaches to the storage bag, fitting any tyre size. This allows it to be removed seamlessly by heavy-duty aluminium side-release buckles. There are stiffeners installed on either side for the bag to maintain its shape and avoid sagging. It also features drainage outlets to release any fluids from inside the bag. For added protection, it comes with not only a YKK chunky zip, but also two lockable metal sliders. Using the lock strap, you can also padlock the bag to the wheel as a measure to prevent theft. This product is manufactured from heavy-duty 1680-denier Oxford Nylon PVC backing.

The Rear Wheel Rubbish Bin and Removable Rear wheel Bag come with MSA 4×4’s lifetime guarantee, ensuring customers that MSA 4×4 stands behind its products and that they will be looked after. MSA 4×4 is continuously seeking to provide customers with top of the range four-wheel drive accessories. At MSA 4×4, durability and longevity are a top priority during the design process of all products.

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