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Relax in Rockhampton

Relax in Rockhampton

In the Mount Jim Crow National Park, visit the impressive 221-metre tall Mount Jim Crow, the ancient remains of a long-extinct volcano, and enjoy the view over the countryside.

The area is home to multiple volcanic plugs – known collectively as the Mount Hedlow trachyte plugs – with special significance to the Darumbal Aboriginal people. Go walking or picnicking around the impressive natural monuments, before making your way south to Rockhampton – one of Queensland’s best-loved heritage cities.

Take a breath of fresh air at the heritage-listed Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, where you can stroll under bamboo canopies, explore the Japanese Garden or the Tropical Fruit Arboretum or take the kids to the adjoining zoo. Continue exploring at the Rockhampton Historical Village, an 11-hectare display village that includes a range of both original and reproduction buildings.

Just 30 minutes away from Rockhampton, visit the world-famous Capricorn Caves for an unforgettable underground adventure. The rocks that now make up the caves began forming under the sea about 390 million years ago, when layers of coral, limestone and volcanic material began accumulating. After a series of volcanic eruptions and plate movements, the layers of limestone and sediment were lifted to the ocean’s surface to become land. Acidic rain and underground water flow then bored into the ancient sedimentary rocks, turning them into the impressive caves that we see today.

Not far away, at the Keppel Bay Islands National Park, get your blood pumping on one of numerous walking tracks; go reef walking or picnicking; take a guided tour or boat trip; or go fishing or turtle spotting. Then, when it’s time to catch your breath and recover, take your pick of one of many secluded beaches and picnicking spots to enjoy the sunset.

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