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Safety on the road

Safety on the road

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? It’s a great feeling to have family and friends gathered in the car, your caravan in tow and an adventurous journey ahead. Ensure that your adventure lives up to expectations by making it a safe one!

As with any road trip, it’s important to lay the foundations for a safe journey by getting yourself (and your caravan) equipped with the right tools for unexpected events. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered.

First-aid kit

A fully stocked first-aid kit (manual included) is a must-have. Your first-aid kit doesn’t have to be extensive, but it should feature items like antiseptic wipes, bandaids and bandages, basic medicine, and sunscreen. If you want to go one step further, it doesn’t hurt to include things like burn treatments, gauze swabs, aloe vera, hand sanitiser, tweezers and latex gloves. Don’t forget that, in Australia, items like bandages and gauze swabs are important for treating snakebites. Round out your snakebite kit by adding a thermal blanket, a marker pen and a venomous bite guide. Make sure your first-aid training is up to date in case any mishaps occur.

Smoke alarm

Your caravan should be fitted with a working smoke alarm (batteries checked regularly), and you should also have a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket to keep you and your companions safe. It’s important to educate yourself on how to extinguish different fires, and to have a well-planned fire drill in place.

Carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon monoxide poisoning poses a genuine risk to caravanners, which is why a carbon monoxide alarm is a vital safety addition to your caravan. Unlike smoke, carbon monoxide is odourless and is not detectable by taste or smell. Emitted by fuel-burning appliances, and faulty gas cookers and heaters, carbon monoxide can be lethal, so alarms are essential for small, enclosed spaces such as caravans, where build-up is rapid.

For more tips and tricks about safety on the road, read the Spring 2023 edition of Caravanning Australia!

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