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See it all on the Savannah Way

See it all on the Savannah Way

From east to west, the Savannah Way will show you the very best of Australia’s north.

From lush tropical rainforests in Far North Queensland, to the sacred earth in the Northern Territory and the ancient formations of Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Australia’s northern landscapes are full of magic, culture, and stunning natural wonders. If you’re keen to see the very best of Australia’s most primitive landscapes, get a little dirty, and immerse yourself in nature, then the Savannah Way is calling your name. This 3700-kilometre journey of epic proportions will take you from east to west, and through some of our nation’s most untouched regions. Beginning in Cairns, you’ll make your way through the outback to Broome. It’s not a journey for the faint of heart – tackling unsealed roads and trekking through some of the toughest landscapes in the country – but it’s a journey that will no doubt leave you in awe.

There’s no way we can do this epic journey justice in a short blog (for full details of its glory, you’ll need to subscribe to our magazine!), so here we bring you some highlights along the Savannah Way.

Waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands

The landscape here feels all-knowing and wise, as the ancient rolling terrain of the tablelands and the abundant green that paints the region (thanks to the wet season rains!) guide you to your destination.

If it’s a particularly hot day, a stop at Millaa Millaa Falls for a cool splash beneath the cascading waterfall awaits. Whether you sit on the banks of the waterhole and admire the view or don your swimsuit and get wet, you’ll be in awe of the falls’ unwavering beauty. It can get pretty busy here, so if it’s feeling a little crowded, head to nearby Zillie or Ellinjaa falls – both of which are equally magnificent!

Daly Waters Pub – iconic outback gem

Once you cruise into Daly Waters, the end of your long drive can be rewarded with a well-deserved visit to Daly Waters Pub – one of the Top End’s most famous establishments. You’ve probably seen photos of this pub all over Instagram, as it’s best known for its stunning, pink-flowered tree out the front, as well as its collection of undergarments (yep, you read that right!). Since the 1980s, cheeky patrons have been leaving behind items of clothing after losing drinking bets. Today, the pub proudly displays a range of undergarments, which are, thankfully, regularly washed!

Natural wonder in Nitmiluk National Park

Nitmiluk National Park can be accessed only 20 minutes out of Katherine in the Northern Territory. If you’re wanting to travel further north through the park to see the likes of Leliyn (Edith Falls), it’s a 90-kilometre drive; however, if you’re content with exploring the southern end, you’ll be treated to the ancient sights and sounds of Nitmiluk Gorge.

The 12-kilometre gorge is made up of 13 different gorges, each with rapids and falls that snake along the Katherine River. Whether you choose to explore the gorge via cruise charter or opt to find your own hidden waterhole, you’ll be cooling off in pristine waters and beneath cascading streams in no time. The bodies of water are surrounded by mighty jagged cliffs that change colour depending on the angle of the light and the time of day. If you’d rather stay dry, then there are plenty of hikes on offer, and there are also several Indigenous rock art sites you can explore, each around 10,000 years old. The Country belongs to the Jawoyn people, and the landscape itself has an aura of ancient wisdom about it. It’s truly a special place!

Pictured: Daly Waters Pub. Image © Tourism NT; Jake Appleby

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