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See Tasmania from the sky

See Tasmania from the sky

Whether it’s in a hot air balloon, a helicopter or a charter plane, we love seeing some of Australia’s best tourist destinations and natural wonders from above.

There’s nothing quite like soaring through the air as you watch picturesque scenery pass by. Tasmania has many incredible destinations that you can experience from above, so add these experiences to the top of your Tasmanian bucket list.   

Freycinet National Park

Tasmania’s most iconic natural wonder, the Freycinet National Park, is perfect for scenic flights and helicopter tours. Exploring this vast region that’s home to mountainous ranges, azure blue beaches and dramatic waterfalls is no easy feat. That’s why it’s best to take to the skies to experience the wonders of the Freycinet National Park.

From above, you can really get the best view of this impressive area – the white sand and sparkling waters of Wineglass Bay are far more majestic when you’re up in the air. Soar over the secluded Schouten Island and gaze down at the dense eucalyptus forest below. Freycinet Air offer a variety of different tours to suit any group size, and depart from the Friendly Beaches Airport.

Bruny Island

Head south to explore Bruny Island, a gem off the south-east coast. Separated from mainland Tasmania by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island is the place to go if you’re looking for spectacular views in southern Tasmania. And what could be better than seeing it from the air!

Island Scenic Flights offer a variety of different flights that can take you all over South Bruny. Glide over Adventure Bay, see the towering Cape Bruny Lighthouse from above, or take in the sights of the wilderness below as you fly over the South Bruny National Park. You may even get the chance to fly over The Friars, four massive rocks south of Bruny Island where you can potentially see fur seals.

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