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Set off with the battery charged and the beers cold

Set off with the battery charged and the beers cold

In partnership with Ampfibian

If you’re someone who likes to be well prepared before hitting the road, then you’ll want to charge your caravan up at home – and there are only two ways you can charge up legally and keep your insurance intact.

One way is to get an electrician to drop by and charge you an arm and a leg for a physically installed circuit breaker. The other way is to just get your hands on a fully portable Ampfibian adapter.

Why can’t I just plug my caravan straight in at home?

If you’ve ever tried to plug your caravan directly into a home socket, you’d have quickly realised that the plug doesn’t fit. And there’s a good reason – the currents of your caravan and your home aren’t compatible.

Your caravan uses 15 amps of current, while your home outlets run on 10 amps. That’s because your caravan needs to be able to draw power for multiple devices at the same time. Your home outlets simply can’t run at that level. If you were to force the plug in, at best your outlet would heat up. At worst it would catch fire.

Connect, protect and relax with an Ampfibian RV-Plus

If you want to be able to safely charge up at home, or at any other domestic outlet, then you need an Ampfibian RV-Plus.

Like all Ampfibian adaptors, the RV-Plus has been specifically designed for caravans and has been built by Aussies for Aussie conditions, so a little rain won’t get in the way of you safely charging up in compliance with Australian electrical standards. Plus, the clever padlock feature means that your adapter won’t go wandering off in the night. 

You’ll be hitting the road fully charged every time.

To find out more about the RV-Plus and the other Ampfibian models, visit

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