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Some advice is just insane

Some advice is just insane

In partnership with Ampfibian.

There’s a lot of terrible advice out there – like licking a cane toad to hallucinate (which is just crazy talk!).

Then there’s the dangerously bad advice, like when your dad suggests filing down the earth pin on your caravan plug to charge up at home.

DIY power leads are never a good idea – they’re dangerous, illegal and they void your insurance.

Here’s some better advice: avoid people who take the piss and get yourself an Ampfibian adaptor to charge up anywhere, anytime.

What’s the big deal?

You may be thinking that one little pin can’t be that big of a deal, but before you listen to dad and pop down to the garage, hear us out.

That little earthing pin is there to physically stop you from plugging it into a home socket. While your home is built to supply 10 amps of electricity to power your fridge, hair dryer and all your other knick-knacks – your caravan is designed to use much more.

Your caravan will use up to 15 amps without tripping the circuit breaker. If you plug it into a household socket, it could draw in more than the 10 amps the power point is designed to supply, which in turn can lead the power point to melt and catch fire.

It’s time to adapt smarter

Instead of listening to bad advice that could leave you with a smoldering house, here’s what to do to keep safe and smart.

Either get a certified electrician to install a dedicated 15-amp power outlet in your house, or pick up an Ampfibian adaptor. One of these options is obviously far more portable than the other. It’s also far less expensive. 

All Ampfibian adaptors are specifically designed for caravans, allowing you to connect to any domestic 10-amp power supply. They’re built by Aussies for Aussie conditions, so a little rain won’t get in the way of you safely charging up in compliance with Australian electrical standards.

Avoid the insanity and get yourself an Ampfibian adaptor.

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