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South Australian Outback Adventure – Part 2

South Australian Outback Adventure – Part 2

Welcome back to our three-part outback adventure, where we travel to the Flinders Ranges and Explorers Way. Part 1 detailed our trip from Adelaide to Hawker and the onto the remarkable Flinders Ranges. Keep reading to find out where we head to next!

Day Three: Coober Pedy

Say goodbye to the Wilpena Pound Resort bright and early, and head towards Arkaroo Rock to watch the sunrise. The Ackaroo Rock Trail is a two-hour return trip and showcases the ochre and charcoal Adnyamathanha rock paintings that tell the creation story of Ikara.

Following the Flinders Ranges in a south-westerly direction, you’ll arrive at Port Augusta for an early lunch and a place to stretch your legs. If you’re ahead of time, head down towards Whyalla on a detour – the region is home to both coastal and outback beauty.

Back on course on the Stuart Highway, which will take you directly towards Coober Pedy. Named after Scottish explorer John McDouall Stuart, the first European explorer to travel from the top of Australia, right down to the bottom centre.

Coober Pedy is a famous opal mining town, filled with a rich and quirky history. Half of the 1700 residents have created homes underground to escape the blistering heat. These underground homes can be classified as mansions – spanning 450 square metres! Churches, art galleries and stores can even be found underground – Coober Pedy is truly a unique experience.

You’ve finally arrived in Coober Pedy! In terms of accommodation, there are a variety of options on offer to suit your travel preferences. There’s the Desert Cave Hotel, which includes a mining display and opal gallery, the family friendly Big4 Stuart Range Outback Resort and the Dug-Out B&B, which is an underground home carved from thick rock. 

Tune in for part three of our outback adventure series, where we dive into life at Coober Pedy!

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