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Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

In response to the pandemic, the Floriade festival is moving out of its traditional home in Commonwealth Park, to more than 130 locations all across Canberra. Dubbed Floriade: Reimagined, the festival combines in-person and virtual experiences to present a fresh take on the iconic spring celebration. With the flowers blooming after a long and hard winter, the festival will be a testament to the community’s spirit and resilience.

Check out Floriade Bloom, where the city is lit up with these enchanting flowers, making for a colourful display. One million bulbs and annuals are planted to create a tulip trail across the city for people to explore. To inspire festivalgoers, there is also a lively program of workshops, talks and even fitness classes in Floriade Life. More than 80 of Floriade’s favourite traders and makers will be showcased through a virtual marketplace, which you can peruse to your heart’s content.

Keep your kids entertained with Floriade Sprouts, a series of activities to teach the little ones about sustainability and the environment and discover new worlds. There is also a gnome hunt, with cryptic clues to spark their brains. If you can’t make it to the event this year, or are still in some form of lockdown, you can create your own gnome hunt in your own backyard, with printable gnomes available on the website.

NightFest also returns on Friday 2 October for one night only, where Canberrans can join in the culinary experience by booking a meal or ordering an at-home NightFest experience. Sample flower-inspired ice creams from Frugii, have a cheeky sip under the setting sun at Contentious Character Vineyard, and try a special tea at Tasuke (where a flower slowly unfurls in your teapot). If enjoying from a distance, play a curated Spotify playlist or make one of the festival’s signature lanterns to bring the festival spirit into your home!

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