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St George to Cunnamulla

St George to Cunnamulla

Step back to a simpler time with a road trip between St George and Cunnamulla, where the journey is full of historical surprises and unspoilt scenery.


Part of the famous Adventure Way and just over an hour out of St George, Bollon is a fascinating stopover for history buffs. Here, local history is kept alive by dedicated volunteers who offer personalised tours of the town. Stop at the heritage centre for a glimpse into what life was like before cars, electricity and the telephone. With tranquil camping grounds and unspoilt scenery, Bollon is sure to put you in a calm and peaceful state of mind.


Bush camping in Nebine or Murra Murra is another great way to understand what life was like before modern comforts made things easier. The Nebine Waterhole and surrounding bushland is home to native wildlife and fauna, including fish, water rats, koalas, turtles, river red gums and coolibah trees.

Nearly 300 kilometres from St George is Cunnamulla, where life moves at a more leisurely pace, meaning that you can rest easy for a while. Cobb & Co are said to have named the area after an Aboriginal word that describes the Warrego River. By the 1860s, a rudimentary town had been established near the river, and by 1880, its population had grown to 200, an appealing number if you’ve travelled from the busy Gold Coast or Brisbane.

The Cunnamulla Fella Centre at Centenary Park is a great place to begin your exploration of the town. It houses an art gallery, museum heritage exhibition and visitor information centre, where you’ll find insights into local history and an impressive Artesian Time Tunnel that showcases the formation of the Artesian Basin way back when dinosaurs roamed.

Explore another part of the Adventure Way transportation route on the Cunnumulla Heritage self-drive trail. The Robber’s Tree, Memorial Fountain and Centenary Park all feature in the trail, where you can learn about the history and development of Cunnamulla. The town is very camping- and caravanning-friendly, with ample facilities for an overnight stop. You’re sure to wake up rested and refreshed for the rest of the summer.

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