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Summer adventure on the Coral Coast

Summer adventure on the Coral Coast

With some of the world’s largest, oldest and most diverse natural wonders, Western Australia’s Coral Coast will delight guests at every turn. Travel along Australia’s marvellous western shoreline to swim with dolphins, explore local history and sink your feet into soft, white sand.

Awaiting its next lucky guest is the town of Exmouth, in the Ningaloo Reef region of the Coral Coast. Snorkel in the aptly named Turquoise Bay to see the bright and abundant marine life; spot the colourful thousand-year-old coral formations and occasional manta ray in the bay’s clear waters; head for dry land on a four-wheel drive safari tour of the Cape Range National Park; and discover the lagoon of Mangrove Bay or the multicoloured gorge of Yardie Creek – Exmouth is the perfect beach destination this summer. Jurabi Turtle Centre is also a great stop, providing its guests with heart-warming glimpses of these majestic beauties.

The Ningaloo Marine Park, stretching more than 250 kilometres, is swimming (pun intended!) with opportunities to get up close with dolphins, humpback whales, dugongs, turtles and whale sharks (which, thankfully, only eat plankton and krill).

Australia’s largest and most accessible fringing reef, the Ningaloo Reef has more than 500 species of fish to leave divers and snorkellers gaping in awe. Summer is also turtle nesting – between December and March, you’ll be able to see green and loggerhead turtles as they make their way along the beaches from Hunters Access Beach to Wobiri Access Beach to lay their eggs.

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