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Summer caravan contraptions

Summer caravan contraptions

A guide to the season’s best accessories, gadgets and must-haves for life on the road.

Whether it’s to prepare your caravan for the impact of the striking summer sun, or you’re just wanting to make life easier during those sunny beach days, here are some of the best upgrades and must-have accessories to rejig your rig, and rejuvenate your road trip this summer.

Barbecue arm

Chuck another snag on the barbie, as this nifty upgrade to your caravan is going to make your barbecue dinner easier (and maybe even tastier) than ever. Forget setting up and packing down your barbecue at each camping stop; instead, opt for a rotating barbecue arm that lets you pull out your beloved outdoor stove with ease. At the end of your stay, the only thing you need to worry about is jumping in the car and heading towards the next epic destination.

Water jerry can

This might seem like a no-brainer, but carrying an extra supply of fresh water with you at all times is a safety net for some sticky situations. This is especially paramount in summer, as the higher temperatures and scorching sunshine make us more prone to heat stroke and dehydration-related illnesses. Multiple water jerry cans should be taken when you head off-grid, as water can be scarce in the middle of the wilderness. We suggest choosing a water jerry can with a distinct colour or, even better, clear plastic – just in case it gets mixed up with your regular, petrol-filled jerry can. Make sure you have a good-quality water bottle that can handle the elements, too!

Car fridge and freezer

Installing a mini fridge and freezer into your car, separate from the one in your caravan, is going to be so convenient that you’ll wish you had done it sooner! Picture this: it’s a hot summer’s day and you’re on the road. The next servo isn’t for ages; your caravan isn’t hooked up to power, and all you want is the cool relief of a paddle-pop as you navigate the road less travelled. With a miniature fridge and freezer in your car, all you have to do is reach in the back and pull out the frozen treat or beverage of choice.  If you don’t have the room for a car fridge or freezer, opt for a quality esky instead!

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