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Summer survival guide to camping

Summer survival guide to camping

Aussie summers can often pack quite the punch, and as the mercury climbs, so too can tempers, which can put a dampener on even the most marvellous of adventures. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled our top tips for making sure that you enjoy all of the best bits that summer has to offer, and avoid the not-so-fun bits.

A bug’s life

Australia is crawling with tiny critters that can quickly become a nuisance on a camping trip. Some solutions are simple, like applying insect repellent and ensuring that you always close the flyscreen in your tent or van. But there are other things that you can do to be extra vigilant against Australia’s smallest residents. One of the best ways to avoid unwanted visitors at your camp site is to take a bit of time to inspect your space before you set up camp. Also keep in mind that if you set up camp close to water, you’re more likely to be pestered by water-loving insects. Consider switching to warm yellow lighting, as moths and other flying insects are less likely to swarm to these yellow lights.

Catching Zs

One of the best ways to ensure that you get restful nights all summer long is by purchasing a tent that will have good air flow. Synthetic materials tend to be a bit stuffier – and the more windows, the better! You can also purchase cots to sleep on, so that instead of being on a sleeping bag or mattress right on the ground, there is airflow underneath you.

Pack smart

Invest in some good-quality, lightweight, full-coverage options. Breathable cotton fabric is great for keeping you cool and will protect you from sunburn. To ensure that you are protected from the sun’s harmful rays as much as possible, pack plenty of sun-smart hats and cover-ups. It’s also important to remember that even in the height of summer, Australian weather can be unpredictable. So, be sure to pack some warmer options, as well!

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