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Supex’s high-quality gear

Supex’s high-quality gear

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Dependable and trustworthy equipment for your getaway every step of the way – that’s what you’ll get from Supex Products.

With three generations of family experience (yep, Supex has been on the road since 1974!), you can always count on Supex’s curated range of camping and caravanning equipment. It’s all brought together into one easy place with the goal of a better outdoor experiences for you and your fellow travellers. From durable tent poles to practical cookware, caravan awning accessories and camp site furniture, Supex’s gear is designed to withstand the elements and make your adventures comfortable and stress-free.

Supex focuses on practical innovations, where creativity is combined with usefulness. It’s all about crafting solutions that add genuine value and convenience to your trip, whether it’s a quick weekend trip or the big lap.

You only deserve the best, so you need the gear that’s trusted and recommended by Australia’s outdoor experts. They know how beautiful and tough our country is, and they know what’s going to perform for you when you’re on the road.

Supex is more than a company – it’s a promise of quality and a pledge of service. It’s your invitation to explore the boundless wonders of the outdoors with a spirit of adventure. Transform your outdoor escapades into seamless and enriching experiences, where the gear you rely on becomes an indispensable companion on this adventure of a lifetime.

Supex Products can be found in stockists all across the country. To find the one nearest to you, visit If you’ve got questions, Supex is always happy to chat. Call the team on 02 4823 6001 or email

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

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