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Supporting Australia

Supporting Australia

Though we’re only three months into 2020, our country has experienced catastrophic weather and health events like never before. With the fires, drought, flash flooding and now a global health pandemic, it can feel as though it’s been one hit after another. The silver lining with all of these events is that in times of great need, our citizens rally around one another to support those who need it the most, which what it means to be a true Australian.

When it is safe enough to travel around the country, here are some ways that we can support those still suffering the effects from these events.

Visiting affected areas:

During the peak summer season, many rural towns were severely affected by the threat of fires inching closer. For many of these towns, summertime tourism contributes to a considerable amount of their annual revenue, the lack of which has now placed many businesses in financial hardship. When it is safe to do so, head on an adventure to these affected towns and in doing so, you will make a world of difference to these businesses. These locally owned businesses will appreciate your support immensely!

Assisting wildlife:

Did you know that an estimated billion animals perished during the devastating fires? This resulted in a number of species becoming classified as endangered. Wildlife charities received an influx of worldwide donations and though this did provide funding for care, these charities will need continued funding for the rest of the year.

Know your contacts:

If you see an injured animal in your country adventures, do you know how to help? Depending on the state or territory you are in, there are a variety of organisations that you can call for assistance or in case of an emergency.

Australian Capital Territory: ACT Wildlife 0432 300 033 (

New South Wales: WIRES 1300 094 737 (

Northern Territory: Wildcare Inc 0889886121 (between 7 am – 8 pm) or 0408 885 341 ( )

Queensland: RSPCA Queensland 1300 264 625 (

South Australia: RSPCA South Australia 1300 477 722 (

Victoria: Wildlife Victoria 03 8400 7300 (

Western Australia: Wildcare 08 9474 9055 (

Pictured in Bright, Victoria. Image courtesy of Visit Victoria.

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