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Surf through life on Queensland’s coast

Surf through life on Queensland’s coast

You’ve heard of the Gold Coast, its balmy air, aquamarine waters and peaceful vibes, but there’s plenty the region has to offer that you might be surprised to learn about. Wherever you are, though, you can’t be far from a top surfing destination, where you can get your daily dose of exercise and adrenaline!

Before you embark on any new adventures, be sure to cross Surfer’s Paradise Beach off your list (whether for the first, second, or 50th time!). The heart of the Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise is just that – a paradise for catching a wave (or catching a breath after a long run). The beach is a hive of activity, chatter and alfresco dining on sparkling shores.

Next, take a long walk through Springbrook National Park, where waterfalls lead to streams that cut their way through lush rainforest, wind around ancient trees, and surround striking wildlife. Lamington National Park, with its renowned Elabana Falls, is also nearby. Forming part of the ancient Gondwana Rainforests, the park has great biodiversity, and is a 20,000-acre living museum of Australia’s diverse flora and fauna.

Continue your forest adventures at Tamborine Mountain. A popular site is the Glow-Worm Caves, which has two large chambers full of thousands of these bright creatures. Try one of the region’s treetop walks – with bridges from 10–30 metres in height, hundreds of aerial challenges, and loads of zip-lines, you’ll never be left short of fun when looking for ways to stay active.

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