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Sydney to Adelaide: journey through the outback

Sydney to Adelaide: journey through the outback

Say goodbye to the sprawling beaches of the east coast and hello to the vast deserts of the Aussie outback. Here is a sneak peek at our ultimate adventure from Sydney to Adelaide:

Sydney to Bathurst

(205 kilometres)

Begin your journey in the iconic city of Sydney, where you can enjoy the bustling metropolitan life or relax on the sand at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

From Sydney, make your way towards Bathurst, passing through the magnificent Blue Mountains region. Take your time and schedule a jaunt through the Blue Mountains National Park, where you can visit highlights such as the iconic Three Sisters, some of the many walking trails on offer and the serene botanical gardens.

Bathurst to Parkes

(155 kilometres)

You’re in for a treat in Bathurst, a charming regional city where there is plenty to uncover. The town is home to a number of fascinating museums, so you’re sure to leave with some extra knowledge!

Other highlights in town include Ohkuma Japanese Garden, the perfect place for an afternoon stroll; Mount Panorama, the world-famous racing track; and Abercrombie House, a sprawling mansion dating back to the 1870s. From Bathurst, it’ll take a little under two hours to drive to Parkes.

Parkes to Cobar

(360 kilometres)

There’s an abundance of activities to keep the whole family entertained in Parkes, from scientific wonders to outdoor delights. Why not start off by exploring the town on foot on the Public Art Trail? Along the trail, you’ll find murals and sculptures commissioned by local artists that will give you an insight into the town’s unique character.

After you’ve enjoyed your stay in Parkes, it’s time to hit the road and make your way towards Cobar. The drive will take slightly under four hours, or, if you’re not in a rush, you can enjoy an easterly detour to Dubbo, where you’ll find Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Old Dubbo Gaol and heaps more.

Read more about this ultimate journey through the outback in the upcoming Winter 2021 edition of Caravanning Australia.  

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