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Tasmania’s Painted Cliffs

Tasmania’s Painted Cliffs

On Maria Island in Tasmania’s south-east, are two of nature’s most memorable destinations. The Painted Cliffs and the Fossil Cliffs offer visitors a rare glimpse into Tasmania’s natural history. A trip between Maria Island and Swansea will bring you right up close to these natural wonders.

Right near Orford is Triabunna, from where you can take a 30-minute ferry trip to Darlington on Maria Island. Here, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the island by throwing themselves into adventure, or by doing nothing at all. You’ll be surrounded by wildlife, with wombats, potoroos, possums and Tasmanian devils all calling the island national park home.

The Painted Cliffs will mesmerise visitors with extraordinary concentric streams of natural colour. Travel back thousands of years and marvel at the Fossil Cliffs, with its layers of history coated by native bush and surrounded by clear ocean waters. To indulge in a multi-award-winning experience, take the four-day guided Maria Island Walk to see all of these and more, with additional exclusive access to the island’s wilderness camps.

Next on the map is Swansea, a town that fills with holiday-makers over the summer months and boasts spectacular scenery. Visit the Barkmill Tavern and Bakery for a delectable meal in a warm atmosphere. For a taste of Swansea’s acclaimed cool-climate wines, try the Devil’s Corner Cellar Door by Moulting Lagoon, or Spring Vale Wines, where the pinot gris is not to be missed.

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