The all-new MSA Power Slide

In partnership with MSA 4×4.

MSA 4×4 brings you the world’s first fastest, smallest and lightest Power Slide on the market. This product is similar to the original Drop SlideTM; however, MSA 4×4 has taken the Drop SlideTM to a whole new level by completely removing all physical effort to raise and lower your fridge. Now, all you have to do is extend the slide and push the button to lower and raise your fridge to an accessible height. With a heavy load rating of 100 kilograms, the new Power Slide’s function is smooth and effortless – with two electronic actuators doing all the work for you.

The MSA 4×4 Power Slide also shares the same small footprint as the original Drop SlideTM, limiting wasted space inside your vehicle. The MSA Power Slide comes with an emergency attachable handle to manually raise and lower the slide if necessary. It’s built extremely tough and comes with a lifetime warranty on the slide and three-year warranty on the electronic actuators. The MSA Power Slide is the fastest power slide available, taking only seven seconds to raise and lower your fridge. This product features twin 12-volt electronic actuators, providing strong and reliable power with a very low amp power draw of seven.

This is the only Power Slide that actually extends out further from the vehicle as it lowers for much better fridge access – which is extremely important in wagons and utes. The MSA Power Slide is the best looking power slide on the market. You don’t have to spoil your vehicle’s good looks with an oversized, unattractive slide, and MSA 4×4 strives to create the best quality products to make your life easier while out on the road. Years of design, development and manufacturing knowledge goes into every MSA 4×4 accessory, ensuring their products are the very best they can be.

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