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The best big things in the outback

The best big things in the outback

Behind all the beauty of outback Queensland’s glorious red plains, rich Indigenous culture and bright blue sapphires, you’ll find some of Australia’s most unique, hilarious and memorable attractions.

The Big Easel

Just under three hours inland from Rockhampton (where you can spot the Big Bull!), you’ll find The Big Easel in the town of Emerald. Dedicated to Vincent van Gogh’s famous Sunflowers painting, the giant image stands at an enormous 25 metres tall – it’s the largest painting in the Southern Hemisphere! The painting isn’t just a tribute to one of the world’s most well-known artists, though; it’s also a nod to the Central Highlands region’s huge sunflower plantations.

The Big Ring

Sitting pretty outside Pat’s Gems in Sapphire since 1981, the Big Ring’s golden arches and royal blue ‘gem’ call for a photo opportunity. In case that wasn’t enough for you, Sapphire is also home to the Big Pick, Shovel and Sieve.

The Big Dinosaur

The Eromanga Natural History Museum is home to the country’s biggest dinosaur. Known as Cooper, the 95-million-year-old titanosaur once stood more than six metres high and 30 metres long, making it one of the largest dinosaurs ever discovered.

The Big Red Sand Dune

The Big Red Sand Dune, located on the fringe of the Simpson Desert in Birdsville (on the South Australian border), is an impressive 40 metres tall. It’s a four-wheel driving enthusiast’s paradise, as the terracotta-coloured sand makes for some challenging and exciting driving terrain. If music and arts is more up your alley, then you’re in luck! Every July, visitors flock here to attend the Big Red Bash, the world’s most remote music festival held under the Simpson sun.

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Image: The Big Red Sand Dune (C) Tourism and Events Queensland.

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