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The best outback pubs in the Top End

The best outback pubs in the Top End

What’s a trip to Australia’s outback without stopping by a few of the country’s iconic outback pubs? In many rural locations, the local pub is a hub for locals, and as a traveller there’s no better feeling than pulling up to a pub for a feed and drink after a long day on the road.

We’ve gathered some information on some of the best outback pubs in the Northern Territory.

The Daly Waters Pub

We don’t play favourites, but this pub is up there as a must-visit on your travels through the Northern Territory! Despite the fact that it is quite literally in the middle of nowhere, the food and drink available is something out of this world.

The drinks are cold (usually kept below freezing temperature) and there’s a wide range of food offerings, from crocodile sliders to kangaroo loins. The best part is how the pub is decorated, with items left behind by patrons as mementos. We challenge you to find the most bizarre item!

Barra Bar and Bistro

This bistro is extremely well known for its outdoor dining set-up and its family-friendly vibe – meaning it’s perfect for everyone! The Yellow Water Billabong–based establishment is a bit left of field, as it combines barramundi and wild goose pie with Australian favourites, such as a classic parma. The Australian alfresco experience is complemented by the oasis-style atmosphere that can be felt the moment you make your entrance.

Goat Island Lodge

The Goat Island Lodge isn’t your typical ‘stop in for a drink’ type of pub – the only way to get to it is via boat. While that might make it out of reach for some people, the more adventurous visitors can definitely give this place a go.

The only catch is that you’ll have to venture through the Adelaide River to get there, which is the same Adelaide River that has jumping crocodiles!

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Pictured is Goat Island Lodge. Image courtesy of Tourism NT.

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