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The Big Lap Part 7

The Big Lap Part 7

Welcome back to Part 7 of Caravanning Australia’s The Big Lap – if you haven’t read Part 6, go back and catch up. We’ve just finished up in Townsville, Queensland and we’re continuing the journey towards Broome. So, stick around because the next few parts are going to be quite an adventure.

We’ve said our goodbyes to the beautiful city that is Townsville and the journey will continue up, heading towards Cairns. There may be many pit stops along the way as the journey is a treat for the eye. Cairns is home to some of the country’s most infamous attractions – the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. Both of these areas are World Heritage–listed and are an adventurer’s dream. Dive in headfirst into the crystal-clear waters – paradise for snorkellers or scuba divers. Explore nature and see its creatures in the rainforest, or even visit the Crystal Cascades for a refreshing swim. Remember to take notice of safety signs as some areas prohibit swimming, no matter how beautiful the area looks.

Once you’ve said your goodbyes to the phenomenal city that is Cairns, pack up your vehicle yet again as you will be on the road for nearly 400 kilometres. Along this trip, you’ll pass through charming rural towns such as Mount Garnet – we’d highly recommend a pub lunch!

Once you arrive in Georgetown, take a bit of a break – even though the town is home to only 250 people, its rich history makes up for it. Did you know that many believe that Georgetown was once a part of North America, over 1.7 billion years ago? The theory is based on the discovery of rocks in the town that match ones located in northern Canada!

Georgetown is located along the Etheridge River, which is perfect for some respite and cooling off. We highly recommend stocking up on supplies before getting back on the road, heading towards Normanton.

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Pictured is the Daintree Discovery Centre, Queensland. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland.

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