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The Big River Drive

The Big River Drive

For those who love hiking, four-wheel driving and exploring New South Wales’s beautiful natural landscape, the Big River Drive is for you. Included is a national park, Aboriginal heritage and an abundance of wildlife. What else, you ask? Enjoy a sneak peek of our journey along this trek.

There’s a lot of natural beauty throughout New South Wales, but a hidden treasure not often praised is the Big River Drive. Leading into the Big River campground in Goulburn River National Park, this little stretch of road is perfect for adventure lovers. Boasting activities like fishing, swimming and camping, there’s something for everyone at every turn along this one-kilometre trek.

This route weaves through spectacular forest and woodland, and is a short extension of the Spring Gully Drive. On your journey, not only will you see nature in all its glory, but an abundance of friendly and exciting wildlife is also waiting to say hello. From red-necked wallabies bounding through the remote parts of the forest, to goannas soaking up sunshine, there’s always something to look at and admire.

The Goulburn River National Park is like something straight out of the movies, and the drive takes you directly into it. The forest and riverside setting make it nothing short of breathtaking, while the opportunities to sightsee, fish, hike and camp in nature are endless. The park covers a whopping 90 kilometres, with its wide banks and forest landscape making it perfect for walking and swimming, without being dangerous.

The expansive area also features some incredible birdwatching opportunities, along with a diverse range of wildlife. While you probably won’t need binoculars to spot the bouncing kangaroos or the gigantic emus, they may be handy to spot the turquoise parrot – a beautiful bird that is worth getting your camera out for.

To read more about the epic Big River Drive, check out the Spring 2021 edition of Caravanning Australia.

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