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The latest caravanning accessories

The latest caravanning accessories

Each year, impressive new developments are made to improve the handling, quality and comfort of your caravan. From clever storage solutions to streamlined navigational technology, caravans are fast becoming more than just a nondescript home on wheels. Here are three of our favourites.

Lightweight construction materials

From installing lightweight aluminium frames to developing fibreglass composite finishings, manufacturers have been developing strategies to decrease both the size and the weight of your load. Ultra-lightweight and compact caravan accessories have been growing in popularity, with products like washing machines and awnings becoming easier to find. A lighter caravan not only means that you can tow your caravan with a greater range of vehicles, but it will also reduce the pressure on the towing vehicle. On top of this, a lighter towing weight offers environmental and economic benefits by reducing fuel consumption and saving you money.

Solar power

It’s no surprise that solar panels are some of the most popular caravan accessories of late, but even more impressive are slimmer and ultra- lightweight solar panels. The latest panels are just three millimetres in width and can be mounted onto the roof of your caravan, where they provide a more aerodynamic alternative to earlier-generation panels. Lightweight panels are also more flexible and have less of an impact on the total weight of your load, which, once again, is a win for fuel efficiency and the environment!

Induction cooktops

These electromagnetic cooking accessories expend less energy than gas cookers and they can also cook a wide range of food in far less time than traditional gas or electric cooktops. Induction cooktops generate very little excess heat, and transfer heat directly to the iron or steel cookware instead of the area around the pan. This means that minimal power is expended each time you cook, which, over the long term, will save frequent campers quite a bit of money. For an even greener and more energy-smart combination, induction cooktops can be connected to a vehicle’s solar power system, which is, when you think about it, almost like having the sun itself cook you dinner!

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