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The Legendary Pacific Coast

The Legendary Pacific Coast

Are you strapped in and ready to take on the Legendary Pacific Coast? This is a doozy of a drive and takes you through some of most idyllic seaside beauties within the Central Coast, Port Stephens and Northern Rivers region.

Start in Sydney and drive for 1.5 hours until you reach Lake Macquarie, otherwise known as Awaba. It’s Australia’s largest coastal salt lake (so think: really huge), with lots of beaches close by. Check out Blacksmiths Beach or Caves Beach – Caves Beach is famous for its network of sea caves at the southern end of the beach. Hit the ocean and go swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding or jet-skiing.

While the trip from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle isn’t too lengthy – sitting at a cruisy 45 minutes – you will certainly work up an appetite. Luckily for you, there’s a plethora of delicious local food on offer when you enter this spectacular town.

From here, you can drive up the coast for about three hours towards Port Macquarie, which is famed for its rugged wilderness. There is something for everyone here – visitors can go jet-skiing, ride a steam train, join a camel safari or even paragliding! Go to Stoney Aqua Park, which is based on a manmade lake and is full of inflatable things for people to frolic on. Get in your togs for a thrilling day – the park’s extensive walkways and slides, trampolines and swings will allow you to relive any Australian Ninja Warrior dreams.

Koala bears are arguably one of Australia’s cutest animals, and you can see them living their best lives right at Port Macquarie’s Koala Hospital! It’s housed in the historic Roto House and is the world’s first hospital dedicated completely to the care and preservation of koalas. There are walk and talk tours every day, with group lectures and educational displays.

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