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The MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror

The MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror

The power to fold at your fingertips.

Crafted with an unwavering dedication to precision, the MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror offers a cutting-edge solution that enhances functionality and safety during off-road travels.

The new mirrors feature the same, large single mirror that pivots on a heavy-duty extension slide, as the original MSA Towing Mirror, thus allowing it to extend out when towing and return to a normal driving position when not towing.

The long-awaited power fold feature provides users with effortless mirror folding and unfolding at the touch of a button – allowing vehicles to fit into tight car spaces or manoeuvring through narrow areas while towing.

With an extended viewing area and four separate driving positions, the MSA POWER FOLD™ ensures a wider range of vision, allowing fewer blind spots and enhancing on-road safety. This feature proves invaluable, particularly during off-road escapades where visibility is crucial.

Designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, the MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror is engineered with injection moulded die-cast aluminium components, making it resilient against extreme weather, impacts and minimising vibrations encountered during exhilarating outdoor adventures.

MSA 4X4 Accessories understands the importance of aesthetics. The MSA POWER FOLD™ Towing Mirror offers a sleek and stylish look that complements the vehicle’s design. They are mount onto a vehicle door in the same position as the existing factory mirrors, with an effortless, hassle-free installation. The simple plug-and-play wire connection means most factory mirror functions are retained and perform as expected. The mirrors are available in black or chrome.

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