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 The OGO promises pure freedom to travel 

 The OGO promises pure freedom to travel 

Picking a toilet for your caravan can be a daunting experience. There really are just so many different kinds, from composting to chemical, and even incinerating. You can spend hours trying to find the right one that will fit your needs and floor plan. 

The OGOTM is a modern, waterless composting toilet with the smallest footprint, designed with all the comforts of home. Simply press a button to operate the automatic agitator, clean the toilet bowl with the Compost Toilet Cleaner, and you’re done. 

While other travellers have to look for a dump point for their chemical toilet, you can spend more time travelling! Thanks to the smart design, your solids go into a chamber filled with substrate like coir peat, and your urine goes into a big bottle. The urine bottle only needs to be emptied from time to time, and the solid waste container after up to 35 uses. 

The OGO™ is perfect for the mobile lifestyle because it uses no water, and is completely odourless and chemical free. 

To explore in more detail, visit or call EnviroPro Alternatives (the Australian distributor) on 1800 707 076. 

Photo Credit: Wonderland RV

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