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The Wheatbelt Way: an open road adventure

The Wheatbelt Way: an open road adventure

In partnership with the Wheatbelt Way.

The Wheatbelt Way self-drive trail in Western Australia will lead visitors on an adventurous road trip to the regional communities of Dowerin, Wyalkatchem, Koorda, Bencubbin, Beacon, Westonia, Mukinbudin, Nungarin and Trayning. Experience the regions’ natural attractions, history and heritage, all while they offer unique opportunities to stay and experience friendly communities and open landscapes.

Duration: 3–5 days or more.

Distance: Approximately 900–1000 kilometres.

Road Conditions: Sealed with stretches of good, unsealed road, as well as rock and bushland features.

Prepare yourself for a journey of discovery. Open roads stretch through wide open country, where far horizons reveal hidden surprises. Self-drive trails lead to spectacular granite outcrops with infinite views and unique ecosystems to explore. Look to the dark night skies for a boundless canopy of jewelled stars. Be amazed at the variety of winter orchids and spring wildflowers that light up the roadsides alongside grain crops, turning from green to golden hues.

Aboriginal and farming history is captured in museums and interpretative trails. Military and railway memorabilia are abound, alongside local sculptures, Art Deco buildings and a historical retro drive-in cinema – it’s one big collection of curiosities. Each country community offers its own quirky party piece. The people are unpretentious and intriguing. Designed for lovers of the open road who carry with them the most important of travel essentials, an open mind.

Wondering where to stay? There are excellent caravan parks available in most towns with cabin accommodation. Alternatively, you can camp under the stars at free camping sites, complete with toilets, barbecues and picnic tables. For more personalised service, try a country pub or any of the bed and breakfasts available (bookings advised).

You can also download the Wheatbelt Way App from your app store now! The app has several features, including:

• offline map

• real-time GPS

• trail notes that describe the road journey between each site

• stories that are relevant to each site and town

• find meal, accommodation, camp sites, RV dump points, fuel or visitor centres near you

• audio files that complement the information at the stopping points along the trail.

For more information, visit For audios guides featuring authentic stories from real Wheatbelt, listen to the Story Town Podcasts at

Pictured: Billyacatting Hill Nature Reserve.

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