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Three caravan safety accessories for summer

Three caravan safety accessories for summer

Each year, a wealth of new caravan accessories are released, from space-saving folding appliances, to handy cable carriers. Here, we’ve picked three of our favourite safety accessories to guarantee you a safer, hassle-free summer.

1.     Breathalyser test kits
Breathalyser test kits are a smart investment for any extended car trip, but especially for any long road trips around the festive season. Tragically, the Christmas holidays – which should be cheerful and relaxed – is also one of the worst periods for road accidents. With a breathalyser test kit, instead of guessing whether or not you’re fit to drive, you can be absolutely sure and needn’t endanger yourself, your family and other road users. Test kits are very easy to use, and some even link up to your smart phone.

2.    Hands-free mobile systems
While window-mounted phones are a popular solution to communication and navigational needs on the road, they are far from ideal. A screen hovering just below your eyes can be just as distracting as it is in your hands. Fitting a hands-free mobile system to your car will allow you to keep your eyes on the road. Some modern systems even have a voice command function to answer text messages and use the internet.

 3.    Electronic stability control (ESC)
If you’re an avid long-distance caravanner, don’t overlook the benefits of fitting ESC, a system that’s been developed specifically to deal with towing emergencies. When swerving to avoid a hazard, a manoeuvre that would be minor in a car can become a serious accident if your caravan responds unexpectedly. An ESC system detects dangerous swerves and applies all brakes simultaneously, reducing stopping distance and giving the driver maximum control throughout the manoeuvre to avoid jack-knifing the caravan.
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