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Three of Tasmania’s historical highlights

Three of Tasmania’s historical highlights

Tasmania might be Australia’s smallest state, but the island is not short of historical holiday destinations to keep the whole family captivated.

1. Port Arthur Historic Site: the Isle of the Dead

No trip to Port Arthur is complete without a guided walking tour around the Isle of the Dead, where more than 1000 people were buried between 1833 and 1877. The tour takes visitors across Carnarvon Bay to the small island, where you will experience firsthand how isolating and daunting life on a remote prison settlement would have been. The island is home to both marked and unmarked graves, as well as the graves of soldiers. It’s a living history lesson you’ll never forget.

2. Montezuma Falls

For a refreshing blast of summer, visit Montezuma Falls, Tasmania’s highest waterfall, looming large at 104 metres. Enjoy a tranquil walk through the rainforest along the North East Dundas Tramway, a narrow rail track that was in operation until the 1930s. The tramway now takes visitors right to the foot of the falls, where some original timbers, bolts and decaying pillars can be seen, covered in moss as the forest reclaims them. The track is a favourite among birdwatchers and nature photographers, and when you reach the falls, the impressive roar of the water will be sure to awaken you to summer like nothing else.

3. Old Hobart Town

Old Hobart Town is not just for history buffs; it’s also a fantastic place for anyone who wants to feel tall for a day! The model village gives visitors an authentic step back in time to the 1880s, when Launceston was proclaimed a city and Tasmania’s mining industry was in its heyday. Learn about Australia’s convict and trade history as you stroll along the beautifully handmade replica buildings, set against the stunning mountain scenery of Richmond.

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