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Three reasons the Sandstone Wonders should be on your 2022 travel bucket list

Three reasons the Sandstone Wonders should be on your 2022 travel bucket list

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Planning a caravan or camping trip of a lifetime? Whether you choose to travel by car, camper trailer, motorbike, caravan or four-wheel drive, the Sandstone Wonders should be on your 2022 must-see list when exploring the sunny Queensland state. Rich in history, uncrowded national parks, budget accommodation, top-notch camping spots, incredible fishing and friendly locals, the Banana Shire region is calling your name.

Explore Kroombit Tops

Standing on the 100-metre-high sandstone cliffs, it’s hard to believe that the ground beneath our feet is made up of collapsed volcanoes and the remnants of a time once covered by the ocean. Fast forward 215 million years from when Kroombit Tops first began to form, and the fact that Kroombit has remained unspoiled for hundreds of years may contribute to the existence of the park’s endemic frog, the ‘Kroombit Tinkerfrog’. Nowhere else in the world will you hear the distinct sound of metallic sharp ‘tinks’. Exploring the rich rainforest on one of the designated walks, see if you can stop and listen for the male ‘Tinkerfrogs’ calling to the females.

Experience country hospitality

Australia is well known for its country hospitality. In a matter of minutes, a conversation can transform two strangers into good old mates. Once the comforts of the more populated places are left for dust in the rear-view mirror, Australia opens its heart as you travel further away from the hustle and bustle.

The Sandstone Wonders is the gateway to Outback Queensland. This region provides a wonderful opportunity for the traveller to get a taste of true community spirit. The landscape will draw you in just as much as the night-time skies. The locals are friendly and have the gift of time, contributing to the well-known reputation of the good old country hospitality

The best freshwater fishing in Queensland

If you fancy trying your luck at catching a fat freshwater barra, saratoga, yellow belly, cod or perch, the well-stocked creeks, rivers and lakes will excite the average fisherman and even possibly get you hooked! Fishing the freshwater systems is a great way to discover some of the true hidden beauties of the region. Chatting to the locals for some extra tips and possibly a few hidden gems is the way to go. Great fishing spots are often coupled with the beauty of a campsite off the beaten track. Serious fishing adventures await you.

Pictured: Kroombit Tops overlooking the cliffs.

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