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Thrillseeker’s guide to Australia

Thrillseeker’s guide to Australia

Everyone has their special interests on a holiday – such as nature, wildlife or relaxation. There is a certain group of people, however, who thrive off adrenaline and enjoy living on the edge. And they’re lucky; Australia is the perfect country for thrillseekers, with adventure-fuelled experiences on offer all over the country. So, if you’re looking to get you’re your heart racing and blood pumping, read on for our thrillseeking recommendations.

Ningaloo Shark Tour, Western Australia

Ready to swim with sharks? Ningaloo Discovery allows tourists to plunge in the deep end and swim with some of the biggest animals in the sea. Experience whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays, all in their natural habitats.

Cage of Death, Northern Territory

Don’t be deterred by the name – the Crocodile Cage of Death, located in the Northern Territory at the Crocosaurus Cove, is the epitome of thrillseeking! Be submerged in an acrylic cage directly inside the enclosures, all while being surrounded by mammoth saltwater crocodiles. It’s sure to get your blood pumping!

AJ Hackett Bungy Jump, Queensland

Infamous for being Australia’s one and only bungy jump location, the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump is a thrillseeker’s dream. Soaring 50 metres above water, with the ability to decide upon 16 varying jump styles, this is a must-do for adrenaline junkies heading to Far North Queensland!

Exodus Adventures, New South Wales

Navigate the flowing rapids along the Upper Nymboida River with Exodus Adventures in New South Wales. This unique tour allows thrillseekers to decide upon their level of difficulty to suit their needs – leisurely float down the waters, or tackle exciting whitewater rapids.

V8 Supercar, Victoria  

Home to the notorious Grand Prix, experiencing a ride in a V8 supercar is a must for thrillseeker. Jump in and tackle the Sandown Raceway, and reach its maximum potential, all with the guidance of professionals. On this thrilling adventure, you’ll hit speeds of 200 kilometres per hour – what a rush!

Eagle Hang Gliding, Tasmania

With the wind sweeping through your hair, you’ll feel on top of the world while hang-gliding across the Huon River. Soaring 50 metres above the river and amongst towering forests, you’ll experience this magical part of the world from a new (and high!) perspective.

Morialta National Park, South Australia

The ultimate outdoor adrenaline-filled activity, rock climb and abseil at South Australia’s Morialta National Park. A true mental game, rock climbing and abseiling will test thrillseekers to their limits with the ultimate feeling of euphoria and relief when reaching the top!

Pictured is Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia. Image courtesy of iStock: 1077209490

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