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Tips for your next big trip!

Tips for your next big trip!

So, you have decided to embark on a trip! Congrats!

While you’re probably eager to start exploring the greatest things on offer in Australia, preparation is key! Here are some things to keep in mind before your great adventure.

Plan you stops

Having a relative plan for your trip is a good way to ensure that you won’t miss out on any destinations you’re dying to see! The National Highway M1 links the mainland of Australia, allowing you to visit all major cities. Jumping onto Google Maps and exploring detours of interest will give you relevant information.

Check your wheels

Your car/caravan is going to pick up some serious mileage on your journey, but you want to make sure it’s ready for the long haul. Pack basic tools, including a spare tyre and the equipment to change it, oil, and coolant. Servicing before a trip is a great idea to make sure your trusty wheels are ready for the trip.

If you are planning on purchasing a caravan for your trip, some useful checks are the tyres and fuel consumption. As for amenities, an internal plumbing system for showers, toilets and taps is amazing to have, as well as kitchen facilities. As an alternative, where allowed, a portable barbeque can do wonders when you’re sticking to a budget because eating out every day will add up!

Also, don’t forget that roadside assistance is your friend – you never know what can happen on a trip, even to the most prepared travellers.

Calculate costs

Only some have the luxury of not needing a budget. If you want to stick to a spending goal, planning will help! Firstly, calculate your necessities, including food, petrol, camping fees and general supplies. Overestimating is key so that you don’t run into any unknown surprises. Secondly, map out the activities you are planning on doing that require entry costs. Finally, set enough money aside for any maintenance costs that you may encounter along the way – this is crucial if an issue arises with your mode of transportation. You’d rather be overprepared than under!

If you plan roughly where you’re wanting to visit, have checked your ride for safety and have prepared your costs, then you can go through your trip stress-free and really take in what Australia has to offer.

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