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Top nature hikes in New South Wales

Top nature hikes in New South Wales

Lace up your boots, slap on some sunscreen and get ready to explore New South Wales like never before on these incredible hikes.

Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk, Mount Kosciuszko

Perched on the edge of the Victorian border, Mount Kosciuszko takes the cake as Australia’s tallest mountain – standing at a ginormous 2228 metres above sea level. Nestled along the Great Dividing Range, which extends from the tip of Tropical Queensland to the valleys of Victoria, Mount Kosciuszko is a glorious site. Here, the snow-lined alps start to melt away in the spring sunshine, revealing lush, green, rolling slopes come November. Explore the iconic mountain with a hike or bike ride up toward the summit lookout along the Charlotte Pass and by the granite outcrops of Kosciuszko National Park. The 18.6-kilometre return hike is advised for experienced hikers, with the challenging terrain bound to test even the fittest of adventurers. Despite this, the mountain puts on a stunning smorgasbord of scenery to accompany your trek – from historic huts and blankets of multicoloured wildflowers, to towering snow gums and jaw-dropping views.

Cape Byron Walking Track, Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most famous coastal towns, situated along the Northern Rivers and known for its pumping surf beaches, laid-back lifestyle and all-round good vibes. Even though the water looks mighty tempting, it can still be a little chilly in early spring – but if you’re itching to be by the ocean, then a walk along the Cape Byron walking track is the next best thing. The 3.7-kilometre moderate trail loops around cliff edges, through pristine rainforest and against the lapping water’s edge, all while showing off an epic display of Mother Nature. The short trail takes you to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot migrating whales, turtles, stingrays and dolphins!

Corn Trail, Monga National Park

Just under two hours east of Canberra is Monga National Park, where moss-covered stones, babbling brooks, towering gums and shady ferns create an immersive retreat into nature. The national park is jam-packed with something to interest everyone – from four-wheel driving routes and horseriding tracks, to scenic drives and picnic spots. Hiking, in particular, feels like a sacred experience among these ancient trees, and the Corn Trail walking track has you following the historic footsteps taken by both European settlers and Indigenous peoples. The 16-kilometre one-way track has you crossing the gentle Mongarlowe and Buckenbowra river streams, while the elevated parts of the track will have you peering out at the sandstone peaks of Pigeon House Mountain Didthul Summit. This track is notoriously steep at times, so ensure you come prepared and only hike sections you feel comfortable with.

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Image: Mount Kosciuszko National Park (C) Destination NSW.

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