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Top three caravan-friendly four-wheel drive journeys

Top three caravan-friendly four-wheel drive journeys

Sandy Cape, Tasmania

While the arid stock routes and desert passes of mainland Australia are hailed as the ultimate driving challenge due to the endurance required, the Sandy Cape Track has its own set of challenges, in a more condensed package. There are easier sections sprinkled throughout, but the overall track is classified as ‘Difficult’ by Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service. You’ll hit steep sand dunes, muddy waterholes, river crossings and quicksand. Accordingly, only experienced off‑roaders should consider this route.

Moreton Island (Gheebulum Kunungai), Queensland

Moreton Island (Gheebulum Kunungai) offers a similar four‑wheel driving experience to Fraser Island, with much less tourist traffic. It’s 40 kilometres offshore from Brisbane, accessible with a vehicle via barge, with access permitted only to high-clearance four-wheel drives. It’s a large sand island, apart from a few rocky headlands, with around 95 per cent of it designated as national parkland. Its highest point reaches 280 metres above sea level at Mount Tempest, the highest coastal sand hill on Earth – surely worth scaling!

Brindabella National Park, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales

Brindabella National Park is the northernmost national park in the Australian Alps, 30 kilometres west of Canberra. As well as its soaring granite outcrops, it’s also noted for its intricate system of four-wheel drive tracks, with steep, snaking climbs and descents open only to off-road vehicles. In dry weather, this network makes for a fairly easy drive, but can get hairy in winter and early spring. The park is accessed via two main four-wheel drive roads. Vehicle access to and within the park is by way of four-wheel drive roads only, as no real upkeep of the trails is carried out.

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Image: Five Hills Lookout Track, Moreton Island (C) Tourism and Events Queensland.

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