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Top tips for your next adventure

Top tips for your next adventure

Handy hacks to amplify your travel experience.

Get organised

A great way to ensure you’ve packed all the essentials is to keep ‘caravan copies’. Keeping copies of the objects and resources that are important to you means you’re less likely to leave them behind at home. Always eat your toast with Vegemite? Then be sure to keep a jar in your caravan! Not only is this a great way to stay organised, but it means there’s less for you to pack. This may not be practical for all the things you cherish, but for smaller items, having a home set and a caravan set offers peace of mind and less stress when it comes time to pack for your big trip. Consider adding hanging shoe organisers, sticky hooks and storage cubes to your caravan.

Light it up

As the nights begin to get darker quicker, it’s important to find ways to keep your site well-lit so that you and your companions can enjoy the evenings together. A great lighting solution is solar post lighting. These portable lights run off solar energy, and are an easy and sustainable way to illuminate your camp site.

Another lighting hack comes from utilising your awning. String up fairy lights underneath the awing to not only add some light to your space, but also to add a whimsical and fun atmosphere to your site.

Extras for comfort

There are plenty of must-have appliances on the market that will bring an extra level of comfort and convenience to your travels. Our top picks include a portable washing machine, cooking equipment, a smart TV and dehumidifiers.

Must-have accessories

There will be times you might not be close to populated cities during your travels, so being prepared is an absolute must when caravanning around Australia. And the best way to be prepared is to ensure you’ve packed the essentials. These can include a 12-vold system, levelling ramps and chocks, portable solar panels, and a reversing camera.

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