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Total caravan control with RedVision

Total caravan control with RedVision

In partnership with REDARC.

Take control of your caravan with the system that gives you an unprecedented level of monitoring and automation. REDARC’s RedVision is like having a remote control for your caravan, letting you take control of all your devices in one place.

With its user-friendly interface designed around convenience, your RedVision system can be easily configured to control and monitor your 12-volt devices exactly how you want. It’s now easier than ever to keep track of everything your system is doing, no matter where in the caravan you are.

Start the day on the right side of the bed, as you power on the lights and start up the coffee machine from the palm of your hand. With the ability to add a range of sensors, use the RedVision smartphone app to check the outside temperature, and to make sure there is enough water in the tank to have a shower – all before you even get out of bed!

Throughout the day, use your RedVision display to switch your TV, lighting, pumps and compressors on and off from the one place. Then, as the day winds down, switch on your lights while you sit around the camp fire, with no need to get up. When it’s time to hit the road again, RedVision knows when you’ve started the car and can turn off specific devices, so you’ll never arrive at your destination with a warm fridge.

RedVision can be accessed through a variety of flexible hardware options. When paired with REDARC’s Manager30 battery management system, RedVision allows you to keep on top of your batteries at all times. Monitor your state of charge or check that your solar is working by monitoring incoming and outgoing voltages, and always know exactly how many days of power you have left – regardless of whether you’re at camp, or out on an adventure.

REDARC’s distribution boxes bring together all the wiring, switches, gauges, displays and fuse boxes needed for a caravan monitoring system into one ruggedised package. When an issue arises, the fuse board lights up to show you exactly where the blown fuse is, making it quick and easy to replace without needing an automotive electrician. With flexible hardware options, you don’t need a wealth of space, as the distribution box can be tucked away into any unused nooks.

RedVision has been designed to work seamlessly with REDARC’s full suite of off-grid charging and power products, so there’s no more chasing up multiple companies for support. If you do run into trouble, there’s always someone to help thanks to REDARC’s team of in-house customer service technicians.

Designed to work around you and how you like to travel, consolidate all your caravan’s monitoring and control into one place with RedVision.

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