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Touring beyond Wildflower Way

Touring beyond Wildflower Way

If the Wildflower Way tour of Western Australia’s most prized flora leaves you wanting for more, don’t miss these incredible places with their own unique wildflower displays. With thousands of rare species to explore, both crazed wildflower enthusiasts and floral amateurs will never tire of the seas of colour that bloom each year.

Perth Hills

Within the shires of Mundaring and Kalamunda lie the Perth Hills – a wide and varied hotspot for wildflower viewing. The region is home to the blue devil, woolly head, bookleaf and bristly cottonhead flowers, whose bright colours and quirky structures give the impression that you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. Lesmurdie Falls National Park offers a brilliant walk to a viewing platform, with its glossy pink enamel orchids being a particular highlight. Finish your walk at the spectacular waterfalls on the Darling Range escarpment.

The Noble Falls Walk Trail, a 3.5-kilometre track, offers banksias, wattles, dryandras, myrtles, kangaroo paws and blue leschenaultias. The Mount Dale Walk Trail offers a similar array of flora, leading through Helena National Park to the peak of Mount Dale for a breathtaking finish to your scenic tour.


Take yourself on a self-drive wildflower tour in the Shire of Kojonup. The Kojonup Reserve and Birdwood Nature Reserve will present you with a remarkable show of flowers, including the dazzling purple tinsel lilies and dainty pink trigger plants. Bee, cowslip, white spider and jug orchids can also be found here, making for a resplendent show of lilac, amber and white.

Change it up at Changerup Nature Reserve, where on a 45-minute self-driving tour you’ll find the rusty boughs of smokebush plants, red fungi worthy of a fairy garden and sprawling whitegum flowers. If you’re looking for something with a little more zeal, the Kojonup region is also known for its fiery red leschenaultias and its harsh hakeas.


If you continue west from Kojonup, Bridgetown will be your next notable stop for a radiant wildflower display. If you’re feeling lethargic or just don’t have time to stop, enjoy a flower show from the road; hovea, honeybush, buttercups, native wisteria and holly flame pea flowers combine for a vivid show of summery pink, orange and gold petals, as well as showering curtains of soft purple and white.

Head to Hester Forest, and follow one of two trails to blissful wild gardens. Trail number one will lead you through cowslips of surreal perfection and donkey orchids full of character, while trail number two will guide wanderers through paths teeming with native wisteria. Maslin Reserve is also a noteworthy stop-off, offering a show of yellow buttons, red ink sundews and coral creepers.

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