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Towing hints and tricks for caravanners

Towing hints and tricks for caravanners

Travelling in a caravan is a phenomenal way to tick your dream destinations off your bucket lists, but preparation and practice is key!

Here are some tips and tricks for towing a caravan:

Assessing the weight

Kerb weight relates to the overall weight of the vehicle, driver, fuel tank and oil. Understanding the weight is crucial as the weight needs to be in the legal capacity and to be applicable in your insurance packages. Your caravan manufacturer will be able to notify you of the weight of your caravan, which then needs to be added onto weight of the essentials that will be brought along. This amount cannot exceed the rated load of the tow ball of your vehicle.

Practice reversing

Practice makes perfect! Reversing your trailer is an act that requires immense focus and confidence. Before heading on the road, having experience will help you in the long run. Practicing in a car park or wide area that has ample space will help build this confidence.

Before heading on your journey, purchasing door-mounted mirrors can be quite beneficial, as you will then be exposed to wider vision. Assess the area for any hazards (people or uneven terrain) – this can be done by a passenger who can also guide you from the outside.

Reversing needs to be done slowly, in order to control the direction of the trailer precisely. Note that the direction the steering wheel is moved will be the opposite for the trailer. If you turn the wheel to the left the trailer will go right.

Making an error in judgement isn’t irreparable – just straighten up the vehicle while in drive and try again!

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