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Towing mirrors versus blind spot mirrors … which is better?

Towing mirrors versus blind spot mirrors … which is better?

In partnership with MSA 4X4

There’s a lot more to towing than meets the eye. Various steps are involved – it’s not just hooking up a caravan and then off you go. Safety is vital for towing large caravans, trailers, campers, boats, or horse floats. Towing mirrors are designed not only for your peace of mind, but it’s also a legal requirement in Australia when towing anything wider than your vehicle.

When towing, the front edge of the caravan can be what is blocking the driver’s view in the side mirrors. In this case, the driver will not be able to see if any vehicles are close to the rear of the caravan. MSA 4×4 has designed towing mirrors to help with that, and they are also great daily driving mirrors. The mirrors adjust in four different positions, meaning that towing life could not get any easier. In its daily driving position, they do not protrude out of the vehicle, and they come out no further than a factory mirror.

MSA 4×4 is a company that cares about the safety of all customers. All MSA 4×4 products undergo a considerable amount of testing before being brought into the market. The MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors have undergone extensive testing to comply with the Australian Design Rules.

The MSA 4×4 Towing Mirrors won the Las Vegas SEMA Global Media Award in 2020 due to its practicality and design. These mirrors are constructed with a large single mirror that pivots on an exceptionally sturdy extension, assisting with more vision and less vibration. The mirrors are designed explicitly for Australian vehicles and have been built to cope with the harsh environments of the Australian outback. MSA 4×4’s mirrors give optimum visibility by offering full vision of the road and traffic on either side of the vehicle. They come with a choice of black or chrome, combined with most factory mirror functions.

A lot of time, effort and energy goes into every MSA 4×4 product, including refining and improving all product ranges. MSA 4X4 is continuously seeking to provide top-quality products for those camping trips away or road trips with the family.

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