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Unearth the past at Fremantle Prison

Unearth the past at Fremantle Prison

In partnership with Fremantle Prison.

Built by convicts in the 1850s and closed as a maximum security prison in 1991, World Heritage–listed Fremantle Prison is a ‘must do’ activity for any traveller to Western Australia.

The prison is the largest convict-built structure in Australia and the most intact convict establishment in the Southern Hemisphere. For more than 140 years, it was a place of hangings, floggings and dramatic escapes.

Find out why almost 10,000 men were transported from Great Britain and Ireland, how they built their own prison, and ultimately helped shape the future of Western Australia.

Discover how a convict-built prison transformed into Western Australia’s primary place of incarceration for men, women and children. Learn about the daily routine of prisoners and realities of life on the inside.

Get inside the criminal mind. Hear the real-life stories of some of the prison’s most notorious inmates and find out how their crimes gripped the community.

Looking for a bit of adventure? You can also get a thrill by exploring tunnels beneath the prison on an underground Tunnels Tour, or delve into the darker side of history on a spooky night-time tour.

Whether you are into history or fascinated by true crime stories, Fremantle Prison has a range of experiences to keep you captivated.

In addition to its program of guided tours, Fremantle Prison also features interactive museum displays, an onsite cafe, an award-winning souvenir retail outlet and curated exhibitions in the prison gallery.

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