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Victoria’s best wildlife parks

Victoria’s best wildlife parks

Heading to Victoria? Looking for a way to spend a day in the sun with some adorable native animals? Here are three wildlife sanctuaries that will let you get up close to many of Australia’s most well-loved animal species.

Moonlit Sanctuary, Pearcedale

Moonlit Sanctuary is the home of Australian animals in Victoria. This is your chance to see some uniquely Australian species in real life, including dingos, koalas, Tasmanian devils and emus.

As the name suggests, the highlight of Moonlit Sanctuary is its night tour, where visitors can explore the park at night and catch a glimpse of nocturnal animals going about their daily life. Feed a hungry wallaby or watch tiny quolls tucking into their nightly meal. You can find the Moonlit Sanctuary in Pearcedale, a one-hour drive south-east of Melbourne.

Phillip Island Nature Parks, Phillip Island

If you’re looking to see little penguins in Victoria, then Phillip Island Wildlife Park is a must-visit destination. Phillip Island is the home of the penguin parade, a magical experience where you can see adorable little penguins waddle up from the ocean and into their nests for the night. There is also a unique underground viewing platform where visitors can see penguins up close without disturbing them on their nightly journey home.

Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville

The town of Healesville, located one hour north-east of Melbourne, is home to the Healesville Sanctuary. This is your chance to feed an echidna, watch an interactive platypus show, or meet one of the talented veterinarians that work at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre.

Love both native animals and beer? Then head to the Healesville Sanctuary in November to check out Hop Fest, an annual event where the Yarra Valley’s best food and alcohol producers set up stalls among the green trees of the sanctuary.

Pictured is Moonlit Sanctuary. Image courtesy of Visit Victoria.

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