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Visiting Kakadu

Visiting Kakadu

A guide to seeing Australia’s largest national park.

So, you’ve decided to visit Kakadu National Park – that’s the easy part!

You’re busy planning away with your jam-packed itineraries, but there is something that cannot be overlook and that is safety!

Kakadu is a phenomenal place that will turn into a memorable holiday, but we want this to be a positive one – so read our tips on how to stay safe while visiting Kakadu National Park.


Just because a danger sign is not in eye view, does not mean it is safe for recreational swimming! Crocodiles are found in creeks, rivers, floodplains, freshwater billabongs and coastal areas. Bringing your own water is essential due to the number of crocodiles that can lurk underwater, close to the waterways.

When camping in Kakadu, set up your base at least two metres above the high-water mark and at the very least 50 metres from the water’s edge. Be mindful that crocodiles have been known to travel up to a kilometre on land!

If fishing or boating, please do not dispose of scraps and clean fish around the water’s edge or your campsite – this can attract further crocodiles!


On average, Kakadu National Park reaches mid 30° days so preparing for the heat is crucial. Sunscreen, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats are perfect to avoid excessive sun exposure.  Dehydration is a common occurrence if precautions aren’t taken into consideration.

A good trick is to carry at least one litre of water per person, for every hour you walk.  


Preparation is key! Take a look at the upcoming weather conditions, road rules, and general camping information to gauge what items should be brought along. Some camping areas require permits so prior research is a necessity. Being aware of fire restrictions in the area, this can also alter the choices of equipment to bring along.

As mobile service can be limited, a satellite phone will be highly beneficial in case of uncertain circumstances as well as a compass, first aid kit and map. Notifying family or friends who will not be joining you on the adventure can come in handy, in the off chance that something occurs while away!

Pictured is Kakadu National Park. Image courtesy of iStock: Joel Carillet

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