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Waltzing into the heart of Australia

Waltzing into the heart of Australia

Going into the Australian outback is a remarkable experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation of the land. Named after the beloved song, Matilda Way is one of the best ways to see some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes. It’s 1812 kilometres of adventure so gear up, grab a couple of mates and hit the dusty track for a truly magical experience.

Starry nights in Charleville

Head to the Charleville Cosmos Centre and book the amazing Night Telescope Observatory Session. Peek through a telescope lens to witness an amazing show of stars, planets and other galactic wonders streaking across the sky. This part of the trail is not known as the home of astronomy for nothing! Stop by On the Rocks for a hint of the gourmet, and try its wild barramundi with hand-crafted bush salt (each month, it features a new herb or spice).

Dip in Blackall’s artesian pool

This is a place of shearing legends, especially after Jack Howe put it on the map in 1892. He hand-sheared 321 sheep in under eight hours, which was unbeaten for 58 years! Learn all about its history at Blackall Woolscour, which is the last steam-operated wool-washing plant in Australia. Immerse your body in the warm waters of the artesian pool before you head to your next destination. It’s naturally heated to 32 degrees and infused with natural minerals for maximum relaxation.

See the ‘outback by the sea’ in Karumba

Situated at the mouth of the Norman River, Karumba is known for its outstanding seafood especially barramundi. Board a sunset dinner cruise to a Gulf sand island or tuck into some fish and chips while watching the sun set over the ocean. If you’re a fishing enthusiast, there are some of the world’s best fishing charters where you can throw a line in a relaxed, comfortable and safe environment.

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