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Weekend trips in the west

Weekend trips in the west

In need of a short getaway that’s close to Perth? Here are our top picks that should do the trick.

Dunsborough/Margaret River

3–4 hours from Perth

This one might seem a little obvious, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your list. Forests, beaches and wineries await you! Regardless of what time of year you make the trip, be sure to pack a pair of bathers as well as a jumper because while the days are hot, the nights can get chilly!

Perth Hills

Less than an hour from Perth

Perth Hills is a perfect spot for camping if you’re new to it, thanks to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre. The area is decked out with picnic tables, barbecues, toilets and hot showers – all you need is a tent and some food! It’s an ideal location to ‘test the waters’ of camping without going all out. You also have no choice but to visit on the weekend, as it’s only open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


3.5 hours from Perth

Feel like chasing waterfalls? Look no further than Pemberton. While you’re chasing, you’ll come across lakes, forests, cycling and waking tracks, and plenty of spots to go for a swim. If you’re looking to take the four-wheel drive for a spin, then you’ll find plenty of chances to put it to use here. The spectacular cliff views make the drive well worth it.


3.5 hours from Perth

This spot is purely for those who love the great outdoors. Augusta has some great spots for fishing and other activities like snorkelling and windsurfing – you can even fit in a bushwalk or two! The Margaret River wineries nearby mean that you can treat yourself to a nice lunch afterwards. What could be better?

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