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Welcome to the Big River drive

Welcome to the Big River drive

There’s a lot of natural beauties throughout New South Wales, but there are also hidden treasures and the Big River drive is one of them. Leading into the Big River campground in Goulburn River National Park, this little stretch of road is absolutely perfect for adventure lovers.

This route is special for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it leads into the Goulburn River National Park, which is already special on its own. Secondly, the route takes the person through spectacular forest and woodland and is a short extension to the Spring Gully drive.

The Goulburn River National Park is something straight out of a Hollywood movie, and the drive takes you directly through it. The forest and riverside setting make it nothing short of breathtaking, while the opportunities to sightsee, fish, hike and camp in nature are endless.

The area is also rich in Aboriginal heritage. This area alone has more than 300 known sites and is incredibly sacred to local Aboriginal communities, so treat the area with respect and learn about the local tales from back in the day – some of the stories are brilliant.

As you make your way through the park and see all the sights along the Big River road, you’ll hit the Big River campground. Once you pitch your tent and make yourself comfortable in this incredibly serene environment, the entire family or group can enjoy plunging into the nearby waterholes or jump into the river for a nice refreshing swim.

One of the more picturesque sites of the entire journey is when the sun goes down. Barely peeking through the thousands of trees and forest that surround the area, the sun creates the perfect atmosphere as you fire up the barbecue for dinner.

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