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Western Australia bucket list

Western Australia bucket list

Thanks to its size, Western Australia is one of the country’s most geographically and culturally diverse states. Yet, while far-flung dream destinations spoil travellers for choice, many of Western Australia’s most special, once-in-a-lifetime travel spots fly under the radar. These bucket-list destinations are felt, rather than seen; they capture the imagination and stay with you long after you’ve left.

While the quintessential white sands and turquoise shallows of Western Australia’s more famous beaches are sublime, the raw beauty of Cape Leveque’s rust-coloured, rocky coastline possesses an incomparable allure.

Find Cape Leveque hidden at the tip of the deliciously remote Dampier Peninsula, four hours’ drive north of Broome, where the ochre hues of the coastline clash with the serene emerald ocean waves. This dramatic shoreline will make you feel as though you are looking out at sea from the edge of the world – and you might as well be.

Cape Leveque’s isolation is part of its charm. This means that to get there, you have to hit the red road and brace for a four-wheel drive adventure across steep terrain and down unsealed roads. As you drive, soak up the atmosphere of the authentic and untamed Western Australian outback. For peace of mind, regular private tours also operate throughout the Dampier Peninsula, which showcase several of the region’s other natural wonders, including lagoons, bays and vibrant nature parks.

Lose yourself in Western Australia’s answer to the Galápagos: Penguin Island, located in the heart of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. This island, just a 45-minute ferry ride south of Perth, is a sanctuary for a diverse array of wildlife, and serves as an educational hub for visitors wanting to learn more about sea fauna.

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