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Western Australia’s Golden Outback

Western Australia’s Golden Outback

This massive region in the south of Western Australia makes up 54 per cent of the state and is divided into four unique regions – Esperance and the Coast, Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields, the Wheatbelt, and Gascoyne Murchison.

Kalgoorlie and the Goldfields

Consider yourself a regular historian? Then you won’t be able to go past the Goldfields region in central Western Australia. This is where you can see Western Australia’s mining history up close as you visit the towns that helped to establish this great state.

Kalgoorlie is the heart and soul of this region. It might have been famous for its mining past, but its present is equally as fascinating. Take a tour of the Super Pit – Australia’s largest open pit goldmine that’s a 15-minute drive from town.

Head west to Coolgardie: a mining town with a colourful past. The best place to learn about Coolgardie’s illustrious past is at the Goldfields Exhibition Museum – an enthralling collection of historical artefacts and images that tell the stories of the locals who lived in the town during the gold rush.

The Wheatbelt

From every corner of this fantastic region, you’ll witness nature at its finest: wildflowers, blue lakes, astounding rock formations and Western Australia’s premier natural wonder: Wave Rock.  

Speaking of natural wonders, you can’t go past the town of Quairading. Located just two hours east of Perth, there are so many breathtaking natural wonders in this town including the Quairading Nature Reserve.

Gascoyne and Murchison

The Gascoyne Murchison region showcases the harshest aspects of the outback. Here in the north-west, you’ll find yourself in the heart of the bush – there’s nothing but natural rock formations and crimson red dirt roads for as far as the eye can see. It’s a unique experience to say the least.

Driving along the sunburnt red roads, you’ll come across the natural wonder known as Walga Rock. Referred to by the locals as ‘Uluru’s little sister’, Walga Rock is the second biggest rock formation in the country but it’s no less significant.

Esperance and the Coast

When you’re finished exploring the wonders of the outback and driving all over the inland regions of Western Australia, then you can’t go past the southern coastline. It’s hard to believe that these white sand beaches, lush green trees and nautical adventures can be found in this arid state.

Esperance is the gateway to the Recherche Archipelago that comprises more than 100 small islands. On Middle Island, you’ll discover one of the region’s best-kept secrets – Lake Hillier. What’s so special about a lake? The waters of Lake Hillier are an astonishing vivid pink colour that’s caused by increased salt levels and micro-algae that live in its waters.

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