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Western Australia’s great south

Western Australia’s great south

When you think of culture and fine dining in Western Australia, where do you think of? You should be turning you sights down south. Western Australia’s southern cities are quickly earning a reputation for being hubs of culture and fine dining to rival any major capital city.


Move over Venice, the Bunbury Biennale is here. Each year West Australian contemporary artists descend on Bunbury to showcase their latest works. The event attempts to make the state’s best contemporary art accessible to everyone regardless of their prior art knowledge, from the art connoisseur to the casual gallery visitor to the artistically challenged. The Bunbury Biennale is hosted by the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery, who acquires piece from the event to add to its permanent collection.

Margaret River

You can’t go to Margaret River without sampling the region’s internationally acclaimed wines.  Margaret River has a consistent climate all year-round, making it ideal for wine production. With over 95 active wineries, the region has been producing some of the best wines in Australia for over 50 years. The wineries also have a range of dining options to suit any occasion, from a romantic dinner to an informal lunch.


If you’re looking for natural wonders than go no further than Albany. Just 10ks south of Albany is Torndirrup National Park. A highlight of Torndirrup is The Gap, huge granite cliffs that face out towards the Southern Ocean. From the top you have the perfect view out to sea and of the surrounding beaches.


Just off the Great Southern Highway lies the town of Katanning, a small town of less than 5,000. Don’t let the size put you off though; it’s definitely worth stopping by. The focal point of Katanning is The Premier Mill Hotel in the centre of town. An essential part of the town’s history that has existed for over 120 years, the building was once, as the name suggests, a flour mill that has recently been converted into a luxury hotel.

Mount Chudalup

Avid hikers, this one is for you. Two and a half hours west of Albany is the town of Northcliff and Mount Chudalup. Located less than an hour out of Northcliffe, Mount Chudalup is a 187-metre-high mountain nestled in the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. Follow the walking track up to the top and you’ll have a perfect 360-degree view of your surroundings.

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